Bloomin Amazing Logo Rgb

Building a brand from the ground up

Bloomin Amazing is a soil enricher produced at a renewable energy plant run by local farmers and the Duchy of Cornwall. Our brief was to develop a brand which could disrupt a mature market and really stand out. We needed to leverage the prestigious association with the Duchy of Cornwall, positioning Bloomin Amazing as a quality alternative to existing competitors.


Following an audit of existing brands and detailed research with both consumers and the trade, we developed the Bloomin Amazing brand. The design is eye catching and different to anything else on the market. We developed the key messaging reflecting the fact that the product is manufactured using sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.

As well as designing the 80 litre bag we built a consumer facing web site and produced eye catching POS for garden centres.


  • The brand launched in March 2018 and is already established in a number of garden centres with initial sales above target.

"I had an absolute blast with these guys from the day we first met them and they said we had to ‘disrupt the consumer’, to today when they’ve just followed through on the final bit of their commitment, all on time, and all on budget. The Bloomin Amazing brand they developed for us was just awesome, and the design work outstanding, just what we were looking for to help us challenge the bagged media market. They listen, they respond and they deliver, can’t fault them and just love their ‘can do’ attitude."

Nick Finding, JV Energen